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DO NOT PLAY HERE – Me and my friends nightmare with this terribly managed website.

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So last night my friend gives us all a link in discord for a game of risk. Its to dominating12. We all create accounts and started playing (6 of us) and it was a private game with password locked. We were crap talking in chat and said the F word. An admin named “Hoodlum” joined immediately and muted anyone who swore. Didn’t matter to us that much since we were in discord anyways. So we play another 2 games and everything goes fine.
Comes to tonight and I suggest we play another game of risk. We get into a game and every move I make abruptly ends at random times, I was like why the hell is this happening is my account glitched? (Keep in mind I WAS one of the people who said the F word) So we decide I should just make a new account and we can make a new game.
I make a new account and it gets banned almost immediately. So i’m like what the hell is going on. I see I have a message in my inbox and its from the admin/owner(?) Hoodlum. The title is a smiley face and the message is a winky face. This kind of creeped me out because I figure he was the one messing with me playing risk and hes actively tracking me.
I message him back and ask him why I was banned, he says he is investigating my accounts, that me and my friends continue to break the rules (Not sure how since we are all muted). And that we said we were going to hack him. I try to reason with him for like an HOUR to try get unbanned just to play a game of risk and hes just saying that we arn’t paying players, we break the rules, etc… well we have been members on the site for 24 hours on this point- we may have spent money in the future who knows??
I figure there is no reasoning with him so at this point we are looking for other options. We all get on a vpn make new accounts and get into a game. He tracks us down and bans us again. There is 30 players online so it probably wasn’t that hard, it makes me wonder if he drove everyone away since the site seems to be pretty nice for Risk.
This all happened over the course of about 3 hours tonight just to play a game of Risk. I guess we can’t unless anyone has another good site to suggest.
I realize swearing is against the rules, but we were in a private password protected match, we were literally fresh to the site, we are all grown men, and we apologized, the continued harassment is way out of line.
I suggest staying away from this site aswell, I looked at reviews on other risk sites and tons of other people have had nightmares with this admin/owner.


  1. You grown men continued to break the rules of the website. When you go into an establishment you can not do whatever you choose to do, as disruptive as it was. You and your friends continued to curse after being shown the rules, used vulgar and racist language, which frankly made my stomach upset. Then, one of my colleagues went into your chit chat room for another game to monitor outside the channel(s) for a more sinister attack on us, which is when he was sent an actual death threat. I told him to go to his local police station and file a report, which he will be doing. I believe this is a trickle down effect from the Trump administration. Sad to see these rogue actors come into other peoples homes and establishments and break the rules set forth to maintain decency on the website.

    For anyone looking to play a casual or competitive risk game, we are your destination. However, one thing we don’t allow is hate speech and vulgar chatters that disrupt the flow of website operations for everyone.

    • If you go into a strip club and use their private room, you’re given privacy. We were in a private room and we did not get the privacy we expected. It’s not like we hosted a public game for people to come visit. Quite frankly, I am intrigued by the administration at Dominating12 and their pedophile behavior and have already filed reports with the FBI, a big fan of the Trump administration, to investigate the website staff and their copyright infringement. Any further harassment on your part will be further evidence that you’re stalking under age children and the bad language that we use.

      • This admin has came as far as tracking down our discord and stalking us. Do not play here.

      • i am not part of the staff of d12….and i dont know your whole situation. however, password protection does not stop people from entering and joining the chat…. there fore children and others could see your bad language….fir this i agree with the admins….how they handled it or what happened afterwords i don’t know nor will i comment on….. Just saying

    • It’s obvious the above “admins” aren’t part of the “inner” circle of D12 since they’ve yet to acknowledge a certain name given in one of these reviews. And maybe even years ago.

      They don’t know the owners real name? That in itself WAS the PW to get inside our admin room and to talk directly to her. SHEESH. The site still seems to be built much like the mobs of the 20’s. Harassing, bullying and interfering with average people trying to enjoy their free time.

    • you sir, have just shown your true colors…..i dont disagree with you about rules , but for you to bring trump or any politics into this is absolutely offensive and completely absurd. This shows the demeaner of your staff and if politics can set you off……what else sets you off……?? i see if people disagree with you ……you attack them……. and you wonder why you get bad reviews

  2. Seems like you are making this review site active lol. This is as far as I have come to check you out since you said you were going to attack our site and post bad reviews. We know how to keep you out, but I bet you weren’t expecting that. That’s why you are here.
    When you logged in to d12 to ask if our staff were harassing your crew outside of d12, I replied.
    “I think you only have to look within your own crew. We are actually all mature staff members.”
    I can 100% confirm that there a some trolls from your crowd, and that’s why none of your crowd were welcomed on d12. A few bad apples ruined it for you. No clue what your discord is, not even sure, but google tells me some sort of rogerwilco, voice chat or something. Sorry if you genuinely liked d12, but you should have respected another persons website, and rules etc. Looks like you need to sort out your own community whatever it’s for. (try that)

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