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Strategygamenetwork.com Classic Risk Map

Strategy Game Network.com – Imperial Takeover Ever wanted to Play Risk Online but felt like you did not have the spare time to dedicate to a full game? Risk games can take an hour or more to complete, especially if you are playing against several opponents or strategically savvy artificially intelligent computer opponents. Strategy Game … Read more


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Game Remakes Risk Game Remakes provides a new version of the classic board game Risk. Of the many Risk variants out there on the internet, sometimes it can be hard to find the simple classic Risk game. Primarily this has to do with the rights to reproduce the game, which Hasbro has the lock down … Read more


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Where To Play Risk Online? If you are looking to play Risk online at Pogo.com, you are in luck! Pogo.com is a website that has many games to choose from including playing Risk online. You have the ability on Pogo to play against a computer or against other players and while Pogo.com is not dedicated … Read more


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Landgrab Risk Map Header

Landgrab is another older site but they have kept on innovating. While the interface is decent, the maps are mostly poor quality as anyone can upload anything, but there are some standouts. The real strength of LandGrab is in its endless rule customization which can offer a lot of replay value. The community is strong but is mostly confined to the forums.


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Play Risk online map world

It’s one of the newest and best places to play Risk online. Created by a group of dissatisfied players from a rival site, MajorCommand does a lot of things right. The user interface is easy to learn and the maps are gorgeous, ranging from easy and familiar, to challenging and addictive. The community of players is active and strong with tournaments, clans, and a vibrant forum. There is a lot of fun to be had on this site, and with a steady stream of updates, MajorCommand is definitely a gaming site to check out first.


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Dominating12.com can provide a lot of fun and drama, both on and off the playing field. It boasts many loyal fans, as well as it’s fair share of detractors. D12 can be a great online website to play RISK, but it’s advised to stay within the rules and don’t get on the wrong side of the admins in charge.


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Game AtWar Maps custom maps

Afterwind, now called atWar is not quite Risk but it shares some strategic similarities. I am including it here in case anyone wants to take a step beyond standard Risk gameplay. The interface and game can be a little daunting at first, given that its much more complicated than Risk, but if you stick with it, you can really get a satisfying strategic experience. The community is strong and the developer is active. It’s one to watch in the strategic space for sure.

WarZone.com (WarLight)

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WarLight Risk Game map image

Warlight is also new on the block and has brought some innovation to the table. The Silverlight based interface works well and everyone-at-once style of play can lead for some fast pace casual games. The community is small and maps are a bit of a letdown, but there is a decent experience here, especially in single player mode.


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ConquerClub Classic Risk Map Header

The old guard of online Risk, ConquerClub has been around for a long time. It’s built up a large audience and a lot of maps, but not much else. The gaming interface is cumbersome and outdated, and the maps are nothing special to look at. The site hasn’t seen a facelift since it started in 2006. It is not an easy site to navigate. The aging community is still strong, but out of control discussions about politics and religion plague the forums. The active users have been trending downward for months, but there is still some fun to be had here.