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Play Risk Online Game Review WebsitePlay Risk Online: Everybody remembers the good old days of sitting around a table and playing RISK with friends for hours on end. Rolling the dice, planning strategies, moving armies, and taking over the world! Ah the fun… But where can you find 3 or 4 friends who will commit to playing a game of RISK these days? Nowhere I say! (Except maybe at the cottage away from cell phone towers if you’re lucky). Ironically, the very technology that put an end to playing board games with friends, launched the era of playing board games online! This website was created to find and list the best places on the internet to play RISK online. And we’ve done that. Not only are there several website dedicated to keeping the RISK board game alive, but they have improved on it in ways that Hasbro could never have imagined! Jump below to see out TOP 6 RISK WEBSITES!

We have also expanded our website to include a complete list of RISK board games, RISK video games, and even some RISK strategy tips. We have over a dozen independent RISK game enthusiasts from all over the world who write reviews about the RISK gaming world. And with dozens of RISK board game version being released all the time, we’ll never run out of new material to talk about! So take a look around at the different RISK gaming categories and find the RISK game that suits you the best!

Risk Board Game History

RISK is a board game that was created in France by Albert Lamorisse in 1957. It was originally distributed by the name of La Conquête du Monde. In 1959 Parker Brothers brought the game to America and changed the name to RISK. Hasbro has since purchase Parker Brothers and now owns and distributes the game worldwide.

Playing Risk Strategy Games Online

RISK is a classic board game by produced Hasbro, and since Hasbro owns the copyright for the game RISK, there is only one place that offers an “official” RISK game online. If you are interested, then you can play the official RISK game on POGO. Unfortunately, that website is pretty basic with very limited appeal. It’s actually downright awful in our opinion. I would think that most people quit and move on to a better online RISK website after just a few minutes of playing, and it’s easy to see why.

Because of Hasbro’s failure to produce a decent online RISK gaming website, as you would expect, there have been dozens of RISK knockoff websites popping up. And with the power of the internet, there have been great improvements and variation over the original RISK game, making it even more addictive and fun to play. Some RISK game websites are obviously better then others, but basically they all use same fundamental concept of maps, regions, commands, and rolling dice to try and conquer the world. Most sites, if not all, allow you to play RISK online against other people from around the world. Some websites offer RISK games played in real-time, or if you prefer, some websites offer casual RISK games. A casual game of RISK can take days if not weeks or even months to finish! So be prepared. Below we will show you the BEST websites where you can play Risk online. Most have an option to play RISK for free too. So enjoy!