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LetsPlayRiskOnline! – The Most Biased Review Ever!

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First and foremost – LetsPlayRiskOnline has one of the most biased reviews I’ve seen that completely casts shade on ConquerClub with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. I will be more than happy to provide the pros and cons of a site I’ve loved since 2008 here shortly, right after I say this:

MajorCommands user reviews are some of the most blatant copy pasted/bought out/same user to promote their site. The dates they made the review are an obvious hint to this and their wording is rather obvious too of a fake review. This is a problem with me because it’s publishers like EA and Ubisoft that do the SAME EXACT PRACTICES to make a bad product seem good. Admittedly, I have not tried MajorCommand but I see no reason to when I still enjoy ConquerClub, and I’m also seeing some shady practices. With all that being said – If you value any sort of integrity whatsoever, you will confirm the user review accusation and judge it’s merits of whether or not you truly want to go to that site.

Alright! ConquerClub rebuttal!

Before I get into the meat and potatoes – ConquerClub did receive a facelift sometime in 2010-2012 and had a UI update. The claim that CC has not made any advances is simply not true both on web design and a gameplay standpoint. There is a HUGE selection of maps to choose from other than the classic board of RISK. I will openly admit that some maps should have never seen the light of day and are overtly confusing to borderline frustrating, but other maps are so well designed and have unique  features dedicated to that specific map that make it a wonderful experience. To say that all 250 are unappealing tells me the reviewer has only played a handful and/or picked the worst ones out of the bunch, and this does review does a complete disservice to the folks that have poured hours upon hours to bring maps to life.

Lastly – The forums. This is a RISK review site and the forums should not be a part of a RISK gameplay review. I don’t know how or why I need to explain this; but if people are looking for a fun website to play RISK, the forums are probably going to be the last thing on their mind. Take Supremacy1914 as an example. A supremely well made browser game with a complex yet easy to learn system that is both thought provoking and entertaining – but their forums are pretty much dead. Am I going to dock points away from a site with a dead forum, or do I promote it for the fun gameplay? This should be a no brainer. CC’s forums currently have a small community, that doesn’t mean it’s central focus is politics or religion, it has a plethora of sub topics, like Off Topics where most of these discussions the reviewer has conveniently left out, or general discussion where pretty much anything other than religion or politics take place. Take this however you want, if you’re looking to play RISK, do not pay attention to the forum review.

With all that out of the way…CC is obviously outdated. It needs a UI update again. I will agree that it can be difficult to navigate at first, but for the most part, some of my friends that have tried ConquerClub didn’t take issue with the UI and found it somewhat self explanatory, it was just ugly to look at. You can goof around in the settings to what you find most appealing but I find it to be somewhat limited, but for me, I got use to it over time. It does not detract from the overall experience.

ConuqerClub provides not only the 250 maps previously stated, but several game modes as well. There’s doubles/triples/quads for team based strategy, 12 player games that can have mixed settings, modes such as Nuclear or Zombie that use the card bonus as a ticking time bomb rather value, battle royals hosted by ConquerClub which has around 100 players participating at once. The list goes on and there are many ways to keep your RISK crave sated. ConquerClub is still moderated and still takes suggestions and has them implemented in a relatively short amount of time. We recently had another suggestion with a resign feature if a cause looks hopeless and a forced card taken upon a turn completion regardless if the turn ran out of time. There’s clear effort on ConquerClubs administration team to keep the site alive.

The down sides are – Premium to me is a bit pricey for a browser game. $30 a year, which is taken out of your account exactly one year later without a confirmation. I can’t emphasis this enough, if you do not wish to have Premium next year, make sure you cancel! Freemium players are stuck with only 4 active games, and if you’re playing with extraordinarily slow people or large games, you might not be able to play for days at a time. As a freemium, your options are limited, and I would look into this and do your due diligence and ask yourself if the site is worth it or not BEFORE you buy Premium status.

Speed games is a gimmick and has the most toxic sub community supporting it. I highly recommend not to play Speed games unless you have the mindset that you’re expecting one to two players a game to complain about how you or someone else is making bad move(s).

The user feedback system is a bad metric compared to the world of old. In the olden days, you could articulate why a player was toxic or terrible to play with vs today, it looks like you’re grading your 6 year olds math paper out of 5 stars. I don’t agree with the system, I think there are plenty of other ways to review someone, but this feels lazy by the people that implemented the system.

All in all – ConquerClub is still a great site to try. There are way more pros to it compared to cons and the reviewer should have either known about this or just conveniently “forgot.” Good luck out there in your search for the perfect RISK site.

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  1. Hi DirtyDishSoap!

    Thanks for your review!

    The one thing we take pride in is our user reviews. Not a single user reviews was every paid for, bought, or faked. (At least not by us!!) 🙂 Each review has a unique email address, which means that a faker would have to use multiple addresses to post reviews. Which is not impossible, but not really worth the time or effort imo. Since we can also identify fakes by ip too!

    The reason the reviews have the same date is because the reviews were “approved” on the same date, which means they were “published” on the same date. WordPress dates reviews based on the date they are approved/published, *not* on the date they were written.

    As you can tell with your review. It is dated the day after you wrote it, because we happen to be online the following day. If there were 3 other reviews waiting around for a couple weeks, then they too would all have the same date as your, regardless of when they were written.

    I hope that clarifies things!

    P.S. We did pay game reviewers to write the *main* articles, but absolutely no instructions were given to them except to find a unique RISK board game or unique RISK website, play it, and send us their review with some pictures. That’s it!

    Thanks for participating!
    LPRO. 🙂

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