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LandGrab is awesome!

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OK, so first of all, I’m bias. I’m a member on LandGrab, and have been since 2010. I’ve stuck around all this time because I genuinely love the site. It’s so much more than classic Risk. So yes, most maps are of poor quality, but there’s 5 different categories of maps, and those rated Gold or Silver are generally of very high quality. LG has some amazing mapmakers, and there’s more than 100 maps of great quality. I hardly ever play the standard Earth map, because other maps are so much better.

What I love about the site is that there’s an almost endless variation of ways to play games. There’s the standard real-time games that are fast and intense, there’s the 24 hours per turn games, which can last a couple of weeks, and there’s the really big games that can go on for years. There’s numerous tournaments, some with very specific gimmicks. The community is strong.

When joining the site it’s a lot to take in, some might be discouraged because there’s so much to figure out. But just ask some of the senior members on the site and they’ll help.

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