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How to Join Real Time Games at

Join Real Time GamesWhat’s up, people? So, you want to join real time games? What you want to do first is go to the “Games” tab right here. This will show the games you’re in and et cetera. You want to click the “Join a game” button under the “Real Time” section. Just click that.

Now you are at the Real Time Join page. This is all the other people who are actually on the same page in the same chatroom. You could talk to them to get a game started or whatnot, but these are the open games available. There are two. These two are actually team games. They’re great for new players, sort of basic settings to get you started.

All you want to do is join one of them. This is head-to-head so there’re two players. It should go pretty quick. I’m going to join that there. Then it clicks the “View.” It says, “Don’t leave the site. We’ll notify you when it starts.” You can browse around different parts of the site, but this game should start pretty quickly since it only needs one other person.Real-Time-Join-Game-Screen

Once you’ve joined a game, you can actually click the “View” button and it will take you right into it. As I see here, Orbotron is already starting. He has one minute left in his turn. This game has already started and when it’s your turn, it should let you know but sometimes it’s good just to get into the game right off.

That’s basically how you get into real time games. You should really try and play only one at a time. It can get pretty hectic otherwise.

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