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Risk: Godstorm – Advanced Strategy Guide

Risk: Godstorm – Advanced Strategy Guide Risk: Godstorm introduces the addition of a new secondary board representing heaven and the underworld. If you ever wanted a change from the Classic Risk Game, and you have sought out some of the more advanced iterations of this very popular strategy game, then you have most likely encountered the great edition of Risk: Godstorm by Avalon Hill and the...[Read More]

Risk II Video Game Overview

Risk II and Game Modes Risk II took the classic board game Risk and brought it to the home computer. It was originally released in 2000 and developed Microprose. It was the first official opportunity for gamers to play Risk on a computer, and it also gave them a chance to play Risk online with friends. Much like the previous Risk games, Risk II brings with it the good old strategy gaming that we’v...[Read More]

Risk StarCraft Edition

Risk: StarCraft The strategy game genre is full of variety in both the computer and on the table top. However, it’s not often we see a combination of one from each in a single package. That’s exactly what Risk StarCraft is, an adaptation of a famous computer game franchise into a known board game franchise. Risk has had many other variations and adaptations over the years, and this one...[Read More]

Major Command – Join Real Time Games

How to Join Real Time Games at MajorCommand.com What’s up, people? So, you want to join real time games? What you want to do first is go to the “Games” tab right here. This will show the games you’re in and et cetera. You want to click the “Join a game” button under the “Real Time” section. Just click that. Now you are at the Real Time Join page. This is all the other people who are ac...[Read More]

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