The Dishonorable Mentions

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The Dishonorable Mentions Risk Websites Around

There are dozens of places to play Risk online for free, or almost free. Unfortunately, most of them suck. Why include them here? Because for whatever reason, they rank high in search results and people keep going there… and wasting their time. Here are a few sites for you to visit if you want to have a craptastic time.

With the most expensive premium plan, this site certainly does not live up to its value. It hasn’t been updated in years which is obvious from the painful interface. The hundreds of crappy maps don’t help either. Still, players continue to flock here because they just don’t know where else to go. Goes under the dishonorable mentions category.

Now this is an odd one. Part Risk, part cult, it blends the worst of both in a mess of an interface and philosophy. Keep your wallet and soul in possession at all times when playing games here. Goes under the dishonorable mentions category.

A very old site constantly beset by porn and spam bots. Not much going on here but its high search engine rankings ensure that at least some players are having a miserable time. It’s also cluttered with ads to sweeten the deal. Goes under the dishonorable mentions category.

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