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Risk Then and Now While Playing Risk Online

Jimmie Ramsey Playing Risk Online reviewer
The game Risk has come a long way since 1959 when Parker Brothers first released it to the US. It’s come from boards to screens, where it once was a game that a family set down at the table to play, now you can play Risk online free with all your friends. Either way from the old board games to playing Risk online, you have to have a good strategy and tactics. Here are a few ways when playing Risk online you can have the upper hand.

Simple Tactics when Playing Risk Online

Let’s start with tactics first. Tactics, deal with the design and execution of maneuvers to win battles. You need to learn how to micro-manage your resources it’s key in getting the most out of any conflict. When playing Risk online it’s key to have a good starting point so choose your continents wisely. Most people choose small continents as a starting point, there small, easy to capture, and easy to defend. However, not all small continents are necessarily good choices. They have limited access to the rest of the world and tend to be isolated. If you’re like some people and prefer to stay isolated until you feel strong enough to emerge and conquer all, the smaller continents are the way to go. Australia is the best isolated small continent to go after. It has only one border to defend, with access to the rest of the world. It’s practically impossible to conquer in the early game once somebody has claimed it.

There is an alternative to the continent’s first strategy. You can go after territories, get as many territories as possible, preferably connected. The idea is if you own 18 connected territories anywhere on the map then you’re better off than owning North America with a couple of territories left to conquer. Eventually, as the game progresses you’re going to have to focus on continents as well, they can’t be ignored for the long term. In the beginning of the game Risk, it’s critical to have an overall strategy, which continents or territories you prefer to own. Choose wisely it could mean the difference in winning and losing.

Basic Strategy

Now moving on to strategy, every player needs a good strategy when playing Risk online. First, always know your opponents play on their strengths as well as their weaknesses. You should always count the total number of armies of all players in each turn. This will tell you who is the most powerful and who is the weakest. The general idea is to wipe out the weak and fight the strong. When attacking make sure you have enough armies to complete the move. These strategies can be dangerous if you go all the way and manage to get all his countries but one, you’ve spent all those precious armies for the advantage of others. Someone else will take the last country and win the continent cashing in on all the work you did. One way to keep them from cashing in on you is by isolating one of the countries inside your empire, making sure only you can attack it. In the game of Risk if you find yourself in a weak position never lose hope, any matter what the outcome may look like. If you want to win at Risk then you have to use every trick at your disposal.

These are just a few of the strategies and tactics for playing Risk online. There’s many more you have to decide when to use them, how to use them, and the right time to apply them. The best strategies and tactics will be the ones you come up with, the ones you learn while playing Risk online. Take the mistakes you make and learn from them. Now you have a few ways to get the upper hand, so take these and apply them the next time you’re playing Risk online free. I hope they help you out, it’s up to you now to conquer all, Good Luck.

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