Why Playing Risk Online Is Better Than Playing With Friends

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Risk online game can offer players hundreds, or sometimes even thousands, of new maps. They can battle on the traditional board, or in exotic locations. Gamers can really appreciate the new maps and all the extra depth and complexity that they bring. Having friends is great. Nobody will argue against that. However, sometimes it is nice to do things alone. Or at least with a different set of people. The same folks who might be fun to talk to and spend time with aren’t always the best when it comes to playing board games. Especially complex ones like Risk. Feelings get hurt, mistakes are made, and tempers flare. Or at least they do in many cases.

Instead of trying to force people into playing a game they might not enjoy, consider signing up to play Risk online. It’s fun, free, and full of other dedicated fans. In fact, here are just a few reasons that playing Risk online is better than playing with friends:

More variety

Traditional Risk only has one map. While it’s a fun battlefield and offers a lot of strategic options, most people get bored of it after a while. Board games have limitations due to size and space. If Risk came with 205 different maps the box would be incredibly bulky and heavy. Digital games don’t have this problem.

Risk online game can offer players hundreds, or sometimes even thousands, of new maps. They can battle on the traditional board, or in exotic locations. Wars to control Europe, Atlantis, and even Mars are all possible and playable. Gamers can really appreciate the new maps and all the extra depth and complexity that they bring.

Additionally, when playing Risk online players have the option to choose different game rules. They can tweak the number of reinforcements, add special objectives, and even implement rules specific to certain time periods and maps. Some maps even have new units that completely change how the game is played. These online variations take Risk to a whole new dimension in terms of both strategy and tactics.

Better Opponents

Not everyone is cut out to play strategy games. And it shows, especially when playing more complex games like Risk. In many instances certain players become a nuisance simply because they don’t think. They make dumb decisions that more savvy players can take advantage of, turning the whole tide of the game. Nothing is more frustrating than losing at Risk because someone else practically gave all their territory to the enemy.

Players who are challenging each other to Risk online are usually more knowledgeable and dedicated to the game than the average person. They take winning, and losing, very seriously. This doesn’t mean that games are so competitive that they aren’t fun, in fact it means the exact opposite. Because of the fact that everyone playing is taking the game seriously, matches are much more challenging and enjoyable. Players really need to think critically and plan properly in order to pull off a major victory.

The tension of battle makes challenges more engaging and the thrill of winning overpowering.

New Challenges

Different maps, different rules, different players, and different units all create new challenges. And people like new things. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that humans get a jolt of excitement over something new.

While a familiar game is great, shaking things up can be even better. Loading up a new map and playing by a different set of rules is exciting. It brings unfamiliar challenges that need to be surmounted. And learning how to do so can be really fun.

Even players who just want to enjoy classic Risk usually end up finding another map or play style that catches their attention and brings new excitement to their favorite game. Any hardcore Risk fan owes it to themselves to try at least one of the variations.

Players Take The Game Seriously

There’s an incident that’s happened to almost everyone at some point in their life. They’re playing a board game with friends when one obnoxious person sabotages the whole event. Either they knock the pieces off the board, give unwanted out advice to others players, or do something else that wrecks the entire game. It’s annoying and unfair.

When it comes to Internet matches, this doesn’t happen. Even playing Risk for free online pits players against other people who are serious about winning. No annoying friends, no unhelpful observers who spoil the fun. Just dedicated gamers looking enjoy themselves and play the game that they love. It’s a refreshing change of pace.

Closing Thoughts

Anyone who loves Risk will want to check out the online opportunities that are out there. These are a lot of fun, and can offer entirely new experiences. With new maps, different game modes, dedicated players, and versatile rules, playing Risk online is a no-brainer option for true fans.

Players no longer have to wait for friends to join them in a game of Risk. They can now play online

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