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Video transcription:

Hey, guys, BeanZ here. I’m going to do a walkthrough of my game and it’s Hadha in here. I’m trying to zoom out, but I can’t do it so I had to be temperamental [ph] if you zoom out at my root boxes. But hopefully, if I refresh this other page, it might be okay.

Marie Byrd Land Maghreb evolve mapHere we go. I had a really good first turn in this game. What I did was I started off, he had Marie Byrd Land and he had Maghreb, so I decided that I would deploy up to six in Argentina and one extra. So, four in Queen Maud and then one in Iberia and one in Parana to take them both up to four. Obviously I decided to attack Marie Byrd Land first and I lost one take in that so I ended up with five troops out of my six. By taking that, it gave me the extra bonus for Antarctica.

The other thing I was thinking was I deploy one in Iberia and one in Parana because as everyone knows if you have four troops, you can still roll all three attack dice. So by having four in each of those, it gave me two rolls to try and take his three in Maghreb. I got really lucky there. I didn’t lose a troop by taking on Iberia so I had four here and that meant that I could use the path to enforcement to take my three troops from Eastern Europe, all the way down to Queen Maud to help in case I wanted to hold Antarctica.

He didn’t really have a very good turn last time. If we take a look over here at the record, he put units on Sunbelt, St. Laurence and the Sunbelt again. I did. I take that back. He took the Caribbean from me, which is okay, but I feel like he needed to take Antarctica to get rid of my one extra troop bonus. I’m going, I’m going to start my next turn.

take down big stacks evolve mapOne thing that I try and do in 1v1 games is always to try and take down the big stacks of the house so that means, they don’t have as many troops to be able to run through my regions as well and get me down to the lowest troop by this for every three regions. I have another pet peeve that I have. I only ever attack more than one with even numbers if I can. That’s because if you’re attacking with 5v3, or 7v3, if you lose two troops straight off the bat, then you got to end the 3v3 and you have [inaudible]. Whereas if you’re attacking 6v3, one extra troop gives you a whole extra roll if you lose two.

Anyway, this is looking okay. I’m probably going to lose this against Madagascar, but I’ll win it. There we go. I took out his five and now my reinforcement, Europe is going to be nice and safe. Now I’m going to think. He’s got a three in the Outback and three in Amazonas. If he were to try and crack my bonus in Antarctica, he would have to go this way, eight troops; or this way, six. So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to end my assault and I’m going to take this guy from Central Europe and put him over in Eastern Australia. So now, I have to take eight in both pathways. He could go through Africa, but there’s a lot more there.

Based on what he did, though, I’m expecting him to try and take North America this turn. If he does, then I feel like probably a troop bonus. Yes, he’ll take Greenland so I’ll probably get eight troops. I can probably crack it with eight. I could go through Chukotka and then Klondike, or Iceland, or even through Amazonas and Columbia if he leaves Mexico. We’ll see.

I got very lucky. He iced out completely against Greenland so this is just a very lucky round. Here we are. He’s going to take Mexico, but it’s over.

I think I’d be able to zoom out a bit if I reloaded so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to click the reload button and then hopefully I can load the page at 90% zoom, and then the game should be okay. It’s now the bugs so if just in general if you load the page in 100% zoom, you’ll get the army numbers will show up, but there won’t be any color backing to show which player it is. Then you have to go back to 100% and then back to 90% again. So we’ll see. Hopefully, it will work.

Results Basic Battles evolve mapWhile I’m just waiting for that, I’m going to pull out my trustee risk page. This is somewhere in the forums, I’ve forgotten where. But this says everything. Shows the odds for how many number is attacking against what and what. The graphs, up to 100%, all of that. It’s actually pretty good stuff. Anyway, the one thing I was going to show you is this. This is basic results for every roll. If you’re attacking 3v2, you have 37% chance that you’re going to win twice, 29% that’s win 1v1 and 33%. In other words, you have more chance of winning if you’re attacking 3v2.

This is what I mean loaded number without backing. If I just go back to 100% and then back to 90%, then I’m good to go. I showed you this page is. You have a better chance of winning if you’re rolling 3v2 than losing because if you’re the one doing the rolling, then you have a better chance. In this case, I’m going to attack up and into North America, but what I’m talking about rolling 3v2 here is some people would just say, “Oh okay, I’ve got eight defending. I need to take the Outback.” But you should always roll if you can. In most cases, any chance that you have to roll three, that’s against two basically. So, that worked out really well. We didn’t lose a troop.

Now I’m going to go up into North America. Once again, I’m always going to roll 3v2s or 3v1s even. Now I’ve got him down to 13. I can probably take one more region, but I’m not going to roll a 2v1 because that’s really bad. I’ll just end my assault and this is the choice. He doesn’t have cards so I’m only getting three troops. It doesn’t really matter what I do, really. I’m just going to put my biggest stack from Queen Maud all the way up to Mexico. That should be good.

He has given up North America and he’s trying to go into Australia. I already have eight sitting up here so I could probably put some in Australia next time and attack there.

Back to my turn. That’s one thing I love. You saw over here the pop-up. If you’re on Major Command and it comes up, it’s your turn, then you get the notification. That’s really cool.

troops in Sakha evolve mapOkay, here’s one thing I’m going to do. If you hold a region, you can pull it and start a command, I find that’s always best if you assume that you’re going to win to attack down into it, so you’re not taking troops out. Here, I’m going to put all my troops in Sakha and I’m going to attack three to the middle, down, to try and take Indochina. Because if I attack the other way I’m taking troops out, I might have to reinforce Borneo so he can’t take it through the East Indies or that sort of thing. In this case, I probably could just deploy in Borneo and take the East Indies and then go up. But this is the way I’m going to do it. I’m getting some good dice here.

Here again is another example. I have seven now so I attacked Japan, just second nature to attack the ones with odd numbers and the two with the even numbers. A bit of a weird OCD thing for me. I only have mild OCD I guess. Just kidding. Not really. No, I don’t.

Now I have this deck of eight that I have here. Here we go. I got too impatient. The game engine hadn’t translated one troop into the Caribbean so I got this pop-up box again. I clicked too early, I got the pop-up box and then it transferred. If I click one again, that’s going to go to five in Mexico and two in the Caribbean.

This is where playing in two tabs comes into handy. Switch over to my other tab – it’s okay, I lose that one – and pops here on. Cool. I’ll leave it at that. “End assault.” Here is the cool thing. I’m just putting to see because I want to clean out the East Indies. Once you’re in your other tab and it goes to a new turn, the dialog box goes away. This is back to a perfectly useful tab again.

I know, in this case, it has had a playing from way behind so that doesn’t really matter. But in the general instance, if you’re going second, you want to take every advantage that you’ve given because the advantages of going first are huge, right? So, right now because I’m going first, it always means that I’m getting an extra card. In the instance of what I would be doing, is waiting until I turn in my three set of reserves every single time because you get the two extra reserves every time.

In this case, though, he’s so far behind. I figure that he just wants to turn in. He did. He is assaulting and that’s it. My turn again. One thing I like to do is clean up the board a bit. I’m going to put four in the Balkans and four in Arabia. I’m going to pump Borneo up to six and I’m going to put three in the British Isles. I remember there are lots of shortcut keys of the game engine. I forgot [inaudible] but the one that I always use – the only one I really use actually – is the CTRL button. If you hold down CTRL and then click somewhere, it will deploy one troop.

Here we go. I’ve got four left. Once again I want to crack the six because I want to get rid of his big stacks so he can’t run through me. What I’m going to do is deploy here but once again, my OCD, I’m going to leave an even number there and I’m going to put an even number here up in Greenland. Let’s see how do we clear the board. Got the East Indies, now let’s see how I’m attacking from Arabia first. If I do ice out and see if I iced out in the Balkans, I leave my two ones open for attack whereas by icing out in Arabia first, I guess that you can only take the one region rather than going through and getting access to my ones.

There we go, got some good dice. Once again, rolling three dice against two is better odds. I guess that didn’t work, but I’m going to stick to my game plan here. Didn’t work for either but that’s okay. I’m here [inaudible]. I’ve already won the game. I probably shouldn’t say that. Many people come by [inaudible] but I will, then I’ll just grab my biggest stack and pull it down here.

Okay, it looks like Hadha is going to try and take America. It’s good enough as any plan at the moment. I’m going to turn in now. Right here, if anyone is brand new with this score of the cards. At the end of every turn, you get one card. Right? I guess they’re the cards, that’s what they are in the action [ph] of this game, the compass cards. Then once you get three of a kind, you’re allowed to turn them in for bonus reserves. Right, here I’ll start my turn. Wait now, Hadha is still ending his turn.

I stuffed up. I clicked the “Turn” button too quickly so it would have jumped to my next game, on my game’s homepage, but I’m just refreshing this page now. There we go. There’s the trustee, your turn in one game. I love that pop-up. So good.

Here we go. Once you have three of a kind, you can turn in to get your bonus reserves. I’m six in this case. When you have just three cards and you managed to have three of a kind, then you have the option turning in or not turning and the same for when you have four, but the most you can ever hold in your hand is five. So once you get to give, you got to turn them in even if that’s mid-turn when you take someone and you get their cards. If you haven’t won in five, you’ll turn in mid-turn.

What am I going to do here? I’ve got a set of green. You’re going to need to have a set of white, a set of brown, a set of red – I don’t have any red cards. Or if you have one region, that count as the same as well. So I had to see how Balkans is bold right now. If you didn’t know, I had Parana bold as well. They gave me a two troop extra bonus. I had one in Parana and now I turned in my set and now I’m up to three. So, I’m just going to put all – I mean once I have such a big stack, I don’t really worry about odd numbers. Although I did lose a fair few, lost seven to six.

Here we go. The game engine will over advance my troop. There we go. That’s once again, me being OCD and attacking with an even number. Now we can hope that my 10 gets through eight of his regions. It’s not going to happen. I’d have to win every single roll. There we go.

This is an annoying bug nowadays. Sometimes the games load without the troop boxes. Some time this week. Maybe the game engine stilled. I should refresh both of them.

Now I’m just going to look at the honor and diplomacy scores here. This is my honor score. I’m a little bit annoyed. I’ve been playing too much real time. People get angry at me in real time for some reason. So that has dropped from about 90 to 83 but that’s okay. This left number is your honor score and the right number is how many people have voted. So, 83% of 184 people. I’m not going to do that in my head, but that many people said that I was honorable. That’s sort of an indication if you’re someone fun to play with, basically or if they’re going to stand true to what they say.

I’ve been blabbering on too much, right at the end of time and I iced out there. I’ll just send this four up to the Sunbelt.

Okay, back to these scores. Yes, honor is basically how fun, that sort of thing. Now, this diplomacy score. This is out of a 1,000. If you break an official treaty, that’s going to drop by 70 I think and then work its way back up. This number to the right is how many treaties you’ve broken. My myself, I saw my number at 930 and thought, “What on Earth?” I went back through all my games and I couldn’t find the one where I’ve broken the treaty. I was really disappointed that I have this one here. But after some number of days, I’m not sure what it is, your diplomacy score goes back up again.

Dropped to 930 and it’s on its way back up at a set of 1,000, so I’m fairly happy with that. One thing I was telling you this is because in the “Personnel” tab, your diplomacy score, and your honor score is here as well. I’m looking at Hadha here and I’ve played a fair bit with him in singles and he’s been a good guy to play with. But his diplomacy score, 830 and his honor score is 44. That’s telling me that he’s doing things that people don’t like in multiplayer games particularly because 1v1, he’s fairly good. He played out his turn whereas half I’ve known, people, have just left once they know they’re going to lose.

Anyway, this diplomacy score and honor score, this tells me that Hadha has broken some official treaties from the diplomacy tab. See “Diplomatic Agreement Request,” one of those. He has broken a few to get down to 930 and I think because of that, his honor score is pretty low as well, 44. What you want to do, you can’t see it straight away. You have to be in-game to see these scores. You have to go to their profile pages like mine up here to see them. But that’s something you should look out for, particularly who you’re trying to make an agreement with diplomacy. If someone has a diplomacy score of about 200, I have same people with 200 scores, then you probably don’t want to trust them with agreements.

The honor score, if it’s below 50, then I’d be worrying about playing multiplayer games with them. But Hadha is a fairly good guy. He doesn’t talk much, but obviously I think this is his game style. It’s reflecting his honor score rather than his actual no-talking that sort of thing because that gets a lot of dishonorable mentions as well.

Hopefully, I can finish his up this turn and this will end my first map walkthrough. Classic Evolved, it’s a good one. I like it. It’s not quite my favorite, but it is definitely the original and that makes it one of the best. There we go. I love this victory slogans. Whatever it was, if it was Shepherd or someone else, better. Someone else, I love this, “The enemy has submitted to your will across seven continents. You have defeated Hadha and gained 16 points.” It took me seven turns in 30 minutes. “Your win today will strike fear” into your future opponents. Not many people read that, but I think it’s just a really nice touch of Major Command Risk.

Okey-dokey. BeanZ out. I will see you guys for my next map.

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