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Terrible staff/administrative attitudes

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Imagine you walk into a store and you go in and there’s some huge issues. The lines are long, staff is rude, and the place is messy and disorganized. But the issue is, that’s the only god damn store in your neighborhood and you know it has tons of potential. You want that store to do so well so you go to the manager and you’re like, dude this store has some issues but if you fix them I’ll totally still shop here! And instead of the store owner saying thanks for coming anyway we’ll work on it, he says this store’s problems are your fault for not referring your friends, not buying a membership, and if you don’t like it don’t shop here!

And thats pretty much my frustration with d12. There are some awesome staff members that do their best to look out for the site. However, there are some “staff members” that are derailing the community that I used to love so much. At d12 there are the regular users and then there are these game attendants, moderators, admins, all who are volunteers and don’t get paid. Like I said, some are great, but some of them are obsessed with their little bit extra power than the rest of us and it makes the community a hostile environment. It’s like the neighborhood watch guy that that turns into a vigilante nightmare and just ends up doing more harm than good.

The site has SO much potential. The maps are great, the users are usually nice, there’s plenty of options BUT the lag is slow. The glitches are terrible, cheating/ otherwise obnoxious players aren’t harshly penalized enough. But the big problem is some of the staff member’s attitudes. I posted about this in one of the sites public forums and they immediately removed it. They basically told me to shut up or get banned so here I am now. It makes me wonder how many people before me had legitimate concerns that they voiced RESPECTFULLY And got banned from the site to defend someone’s ego.

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