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Play Risk online at and you will be completely pleased. The user interface at Major Command is easy to learn and the game maps are the best you can find. It is a testament to the addictiveness of this site that whenever I open my browser I am instantly compelled to check the site for turns or new forum posts. It’s been that way since I joined back in 2011. Sure, the site has had it’s ups and it’s downs over the years – some recurring bugs that I’m sure put off a few folk, but these days it is running really well under the new management. Most of the really annoying bugs have been fixed and the site is more stable than ever now.

I’ll second what has already been said about the community – it’s top notch. People are friendly, on the whole, and it makes a welcome change from the badlands of the rest of the internet. Even the staff are all volunteers, helping out simply because they love the site and want to see it flourish.

The maps are of a very high standard on the whole, some of them are true pieces of art. A policy of quality over quantity separates this site from some of it’s competitors. I do sometimes wish there were a few more though.

Overall, Major Command is a true gem of the internet and I will be enjoying it hopefully for many years to come. Seriously, if you’ve not tried it yet and you like risk then it’s a no brainier – you need to check it out!!






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