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No strategy for CC’s “Main Map”

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I played CC for about 2 months. I’ve also been on a few other sites as well, such as Dominating 12 and MajorCommand. I almost exclusively play the “main” world map on all these sites, and am only commenting on the quality of the game play of the main map.

The issue with CC’s main map is that there is almost no strategy required to play it. The connection points between countries is hardly geographic (unlike the original board game) but more like the flight paths of a continental airline company. Thus, any presence on any continent allows you to attack almost any other country on that continent. There’s just too many “connections” between geographically non-adjacent far-flung countries. What this means for game play, is that your success in the game is almost exclusively determined by dice. You’ll find that all your games will dissolve into you holding one side of the map, the opponent holding the other, and whomever’s dice is better, wins the game. This is unlike say MC, where you can only attack countries adjacent to the ones you hold. This allows for planning and defense, whereas in CC, as long as you have a presence on a continent, you can take every opponent position out.  Specifically, in end-game Risk, when the reserves are huge and your opponent is going to deploy on his turn (say he has 5 cards), sometimes need to “run away” from your opponent by spreading out and bifurcating your army in multiple directions.  Your opponent will thus have to decide how many armies he’s going to need to send off in each direction so that he can kill you off.  This demands some thought.  This also allows you to tactically decide what countries you want to take on any given continent and which not to take.  In CC, as long as your opponent has an entry onto a continent, he’ll be able to take every position out.  There is no “running away” for you, no forcing him to bifurcate his army and no having him chase you down in multiple directions. Basically, because the map allows you to attack everywhere, it means your army is always on “one” path, and that ultimately is the problem with CC’s main map: you are forced to hold a one-path army.  MC and Dominating 12 are geographic maps (not airplane maps) and hence, you can bifurcate armies, forcing your opponent to split his armies, rather than just take you out in continuous sequence.  If you play both MC and CC, you’ll find you can spend hours analyzing your MC map, whereas for CC, it takes about 5 seconds to make the decision as to what to do. The amount of analysis and strategy is almost nil.

MC has antartica, which adds a helpful element to gameplay, although I find Dominating plays well too, despite not having it.  Both are superior to CC.


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