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Major Command is a good website to Play Risk online for free! It has awesome maps and gameplay, everything you get from risk and a whole lot more! Plus it’s funny but the internet is a terrible place for interacting with people. There’s basically no chance that a person will be nice to you on the internet, but like someone in the Major Command community said, It’s like is the Bermuda Triangle of the internet gaming world.

Major Command is the nicest group of gamers that you’re ever going to meet and play Risk online!

The only negative about Major Command is the game engine and the fact that it outgrew itself and eventually had too many people playing for the site to handle it. On top of that the person who first coded the site left the team.

Now though, Major Command changed to guard, got a new person to start deciphering the code that was left by the first coder. Now Marcos, the new gaming programmer is doing awesome work, and the site started moving in the right direction. It’s only a matter of time until it’s better than ever, with no lag/bugs you name it I have faith that it’ll be perfect.

I’m looking forward to the day that we switch over, but until then we sit and play the best damn strategy gaming site on the internet!


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