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This site is owned by major command, and you can find this easily. I find it poor form that it praises and recommends it’s own site highly but will accept the accusations of banned players making false accusations of cheating on another. But it is what it is, and it doesn’t really phase D12, just it would be nice that these risk variants had some respect for eachother.
Yup someone made reports of staff cheating on d12, but you only have to look at a players staticstics win/losses to see that there isn’t anything ridiculous going on. None of the programming staff have ridiculous stats, and they rarely play. Just like every site, there’s those constant dice complainers, dice are rigged accusations. This is just poor sportsmanship mainly, and I know on d12, that the best players with the higher ranks do not complain about the dice as much. It’s not because they have better dice, it’s because they play better. All of the players giving d12 a bad review are because they are likely banned for very good reason. This is their outlet when they have gone too far.
“Let’s give it a bad review”. It actually takes a lot of patience from the moderating team to fully ban a player. Our language is strict because we promote a family friendly site. Like every site, we have our own rules and they are pretty standard. No cursing, no harassing etc. But ours is moderated by an active moderating team. Multiple account moderating, is the norm on many game sites, and in Risk there’s that suicidal play or illegal alliances in a free for all game. Standard moderation. The player that made the review about the programmers altering dice or whatever was a player who was a trusted game attendant. He did that role fine, and nothing suspicious, but he had a ring of friends that did favours to help each other in games, like clan mentality. It took a good half a year to knuckle down on it, but when there were too many reports of the same thing of our trusted game attendant, then the truth will finally reveal itself. Continual Subtle cheating is cheating and it went on for months and months maybe years. He was a game attendant which only has few abilities that couldn’t give him an advantage in a game. He didn’t have any insight into programming stuff or know anything about that complicated side of things and the programmers he accuses as mentioned, aren’t even active. Programmers hardly play the game infact. They are volunteer risk players and that’s why we have such an awesome site. Players built the site, and we all came from other risk sites, and we work together with the feedback of players to contiunally develop the site. Programming, map making, tournaments etc, are all created by the d12 players.
We have a unique reputation system where the players can moderate the site by using report tabs within the game. A rules link is available in every game for new players.
You will get some advice, then a warning, then a temporary chat ban for language, then there is a strike system before you might get a permanent chat ban. Some players will create multiple accounts to get around this, and this is what this crew of delinquents did. These players came from another game site, and found it funny to disrespect our rules, harrass staff, make hacking threats etc. Messages of waging war on the site. As mentioned, the site is moderated by active admins and therefore they can handle the volume of these (grown men?) being disruptive to our site. Some players may have gotten an unfair deal by association, but 30+ players coming on to the site who haven’t played one game, and just want to troll, is a good reason to instantly ban associations. A legit new sign up, wouldn’t come here and post a review. All these players know what they did. They may regret it now because they realize that d12 is quite cool. But now they have more options. I have played on all of these sites, and like them all.
I have played live risk since 1999 online and d12 for me is the best for live (realtime) gaming. My recommendations other than d12 would likely be major command and which is not mentioned. It would be cool if at sometime there were intersite challenges between us, but a good step would be some respect between us. Accusations of d12 are bogus. It is what it is. An idea would be to make a review site and do the same thing, heavily promote d12, and allow banned players to dis our competitors. You read the bogus reviews or you can check it out for yourself. For those players that were banned from d12, well now you have some good options of risk sites here. Maybe they aren’t strict with their language, but you should read the rules and be respectful.


  1. admins trying to backtrack after there sites dead typical don’t play this game!

  2. dead? each game has a game number. game 7598017 was just played. the very first game was game 1. 😉
    dead compared to? If it were dead then your crew would of got away with whatever, unfortunately for you it isn’t dead. Feel free to help revive some of these other risk sites out with your ‘we bring the fun’ crowd.

  3. dont fall for this scam of a site!

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