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D12 is still best place to play risk online

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I played Haspro Risk a lot back around the turn of the millennium (I think it was on a site called mplayer, and there was some rating ladder on a different site that we used, but that’s all foggy at this point).  Eight years ago I started looking for a place to play and found D12.  I have been a regular player there ever since.  Every once and a while I explore some of the other sites but I haven’t found anything comparable to D12.  It definitely has the most pleasing aesthetic and a wide variety of game options keeps things interesting.  The dice on D12 work like real dice, where sometimes you get a great roll and sometimes you don’t but usually things are as expected.  But for those that don’t like that they even made fake dice that offer more boring results (that’s just one example of the programmers volunteering their time to address user complaints).

I assume it’s just because I’m a bit older than the average online risk player but I don’t have any problem with the admins moderating language or cheating.  I can see myself getting in a tizzy over that when I was a teen though, so maybe that’s the issue with the negative reviews here.  They’ll grow up I guess.  And when they do, hopefully they’ll decide to check out D12 again.  Hope to see you all there!

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  1. just so you know… long as you have no problem with the admin…they leave you alone…but if you have any disagreement with them about their unilateral decisions, things will change. they will just slightly modify the algorithms to make it not fun……..trying to make yo just go away without making trouble……

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