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Cheaters til death?

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I found the site to be the same as it was when this user below gave his(or her..not) input on how the Risk of D12 community is hoodwinked by elysium5 (and his dozen of other names he uses)to gain monetarily as well as egotistically. What a shame on them.
The below story is still the talk because of how they try to cover up their scam and the unearthing of it.

SleuthAwathar November 29, 2015, 1:13 pm

Piggybacking off of Hoodlum’s reply: I’m a dinosaur with Risk as well. In fact, I feel as if I helped carve Risk pieces out of wood from the original board games back in 1865.

The relationship Hoodlum has with “Dominating 12” I must say is similar to the one I have/had.

But add 2 years, a few perks and some very valuable insight. Insights I won’t reveal because it will jeopardize my relationships, thus unearthing the roots that feed me information that has propelled me to voice the chilling dishonesty and crookedness that is embedded in 3 of the top 5 “owners/programmers/admin”.

My name in itself will show ANY D12 admin/attendant/volunteer/cartographer but ESPECIALLY PROGRAMMERS AND OWNER(S) that I know D12 intensely personal. More probable, in the top 5 of anyone, including owner(s).

Excluding the original owner, ‘God rest his D12 soul.’ (hint #2)

Hoodlum is a kind person with good intentions. PT by trade, much like one of my trades is IT. His vault to the inner circle of D12 (voted on by 5 of the admins at that time, one of which may or may not have been mine) was propelled by the players that he brought over from the defunct site that he came from. His defending the D12 site comes as no surprise. His innocence of the D12 inner fabric helps D12’s ‘top 5 brass’, minus 2 (hint #3, specifically for the top 3).

Not to labor any longer, the bottom line is simply that:

1- a programmer(s) enjoyed the challenge (of his trade),
2- in action, in real time (results) with a captive audience,
3- and REACTION (by the players) to his/her embedding specific DL/LD (die log) action to (specific) games.

Saved emails, and a few ‘taped’ conversations via voice would have the jury out of deliberation in minutes. The sources that LPRO refers seems to be spot on.

Hoodlum also brings to point the charge of monitoring private messages between players. Not only is it true, but its also how we based the expulsion or banning of select players from the site. Yes, yours truly was part of the monitoring process. Unbeknownst to me, however, it was used mostly to protect the programmer(s) from any serious threat that would uncover their illicit actions regarding dice logarithm.

Hood is correct. There is monitoring for clean language, clean play and proper alliances within the game community set of D12. However, behind those properly placed security guards lies a very dark secret, held only by a few.

It’s unfortunate that a simple online game is the playground of a (few) mislead IT apprentice.

Just be careful. Especially if you choose to give any pertinent information to this particular gamesite.

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