Dice Odds

Winning at RISK by knowing the odds

RISK is a strategy game that relies heavily on winning dice rolls. Probably the largest advantage you can have over your opponent is knowing your numbers. Whether attacking or defending, it can help give you the winning edge. Even the smallest advantage during each turn can add up to a larger advantage over the course of an entire game. Think of it this way… A casino can make millions of dollars a day just by having a small 1% advantage over the customer. You can do the same thing. By keeping the odds on your side with every roll, then you use the same small percentages to your advantage and lead you to victory.

This table will show you the chance of winning each time you roll the dice. LEARN IT, LOVE IT, LIVE IT! It will be the difference being good, and being great!

The general rule is to never attack with less than 4 troops. However, attacking with an army of 3 is acceptable when your opponent has only 1.

NEVER attack with only 2 troops except in the most extreme and dire circumstances!

Defender Attacker Results
2 troops 3 troops 4 or more troops
1 troop 42% 58% 66% Defender loses one
1 troop 58% 42% 34% Attacker loses one
2 or more 25% Defender loses one
2 or more 75% Attacker loses one
2 or more 23% 37% Defender loses two
2 or more 45% 29% Attacker loses two
2 or more 32% 34% Each lose one

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