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List of the Top 6 Website to Play RISK Online

Look for a place to play RISK with friends online, or maybe just play against other RISK board game enthusiasts? Well here ya go… Here’s a list of the best websites to play RISK online. Starting with our favorite at the top, going down to other sites that might be worth checking out if you feel adventurous. They all have something unique to share. Have fun!

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Voted #1 Risk Gaming Website

Play Risk online at Major Command. Once you Play Risk online at MajorCommand.com you won't want to go anywhere else. Major Command is one of the newest and best places to play strategy games like Risk board game. Created by a group of dissatisfied players from a rival site, Major Command does a lot of things right. At Major Command the user interface is easy to learn and the game maps are the best you can find, ranging from the classic game Risk maps to more challenging and ...[Read More]



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WarLight is another good place to play Risk online free. The Silverlight based interface works well and everyone-at-once style of play can lead for some fast pace casual games. The WarLight community is small and game maps are a bit of a letdown, but there is a decent experience with the game, especially in single player mode. If you are new at WarLight, you can try out in single-player mode before jumping into a multiplayer Risk game with your friends. Read game user reviews...[Read More]



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LandGrab Net (landgrab.net) is another gaming website that you can play the most popular game Risk online. This site pretty old but recently they have done some innovating. While the interface at LandGrab Net is decent, the map quality is mostly poor, as anyone is allowed to upload anything. That generally lowers the overall standard since Risk like games rely heavily on a balanced gaming map, but there are still some decent ones on the site. LandGrab Net is not the best webs...[Read More]



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AtWar Game, formerly Afterwind is not quite the Risk gaming site you would expect when wanting to play Risk online free, but it shares some strategic similarities of board game Risk. It is included here in just case anyone wants to take a step beyond standard Risk game play. The interface of AtWar game and the actual game can be a little daunting at first, given that its much more complicated than the Risk game we know, but if you stick with it, you can really get a satisfyin...[Read More]



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Dominating12 makes a valid attempt to improve upon ConquerClub but it is not quite ambitious enough. The game interface is moderately better, but without a large selection of maps and more players, it just can't compete. Still, it's cleaner and functions quite well as a basic online Risk gaming site. There have been some change in ownership, so its future is in question.



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Conquer Club is the oldest site to play Risk online, but it is by far not the best. Conquer Club has been around for a long time and it shows. It's built up a large pool of game players and maps, but not much else. The gaming interface is cumbersome and outdated, and the actual maps are pretty unappealing to look at. Conquer Club hasn't seen a face-lift since it started in 2006, and it is not easy to navigate. This online Risk site has seen better days. The community is still...[Read More]

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